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Located in "Beautiful Downtown Merrifield", Hi-Tech Transmissions has been  serving Northern Virginia since 1986 and in 1996 grew into a permanent location with 9000 square feet under roof housing 11 lifts, 3 of which are medium duty truck lifts. A large onsite parts department with hard and soft parts, converters, and electrical components needed to repair today’s transmissions along with a state of the art rebuilding facility that is environmentally friendly.

The staff at Hi-Tech Transmissions has worked closely with area businesses to provide our  customers with honest, knowledgeable diagnostic and rebuild services. Hi-Tech  Transmissions is affiliated with ATSG, (Automatic  Transmission Service Group), A.T.R.A. (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), and All-Data (Technical Support)  to provide our employees with the latest in  technological training and manufacturer upgrades in keeping with the highly  technical drive systems in vehicles today. Hi Tech Transmissions services all  makes and models, from commercial applications to grocery getters.

At Hi-Tech, we know how much you need your vehicle. That's why we carry many  rebuilt transmissions and parts in stock to reduce the time needed to service your  vehicle. If we don't have your transmission in stock, we will custom build a  transmission for you!

Why is your price higher than my last quote?

Did you know...? Many transmission facilities have deceptive methods of price  quoting. Beware of the "hard parts" scam!!!

"Time is money"; with our busy lifestyles today and all the places  a person has to go, work, kids, school, soccer games, grocery store, we all  enjoy the convenience of getting an accurate price quote upfront, before any  work is done on your vehicle. If you are like me, you want to see exactly  what you are getting into when you need a major repair, especially something  as sometimes mysterious as a transmission repair. Most companies understand that and are willing to give you a written estimate before any work is done.  However there seem to be “gray areas” when it comes to a price quote for transmission work. An automatic  transmission is made up of many parts working together to perform its purpose,  these parts can be classified into three categories;

  • Hard Parts (gears, shafts, torque converter, and case)
  • Soft Parts (gaskets, seals, bands, and clutches)
  • Incidentals (non-transmission related parts that are affected)

 Automatic transmission

Hard parts are the ones you need to watch out for, unless included in the estimate. Soft parts should always be replaced. Incidentals are the ones no one can predict and are anything outside the transmission that  has to be removed to work on the transmission or that effects the operation of the vehicle

Number one on our list: "Hard parts", is where the confusion starts. If your  transmission is in need of an overhaul you may need to replace some of those  gears and shafts, or even the transmission case, that make up your "hard parts".  Be sure that your estimate includes hard parts. If you get a reply that sounds  something like, "Well, I can’t see into your transmission, so we need to take it  out first and see how bad it is before I know how much it’ll cost to fix it",  sounds legitimate right? WRONG! It sounds expensive. Those hard parts,  when purchased individually, can cost more than a new transmission, but by the  time you find out the additional cost of these parts your transmission has been  removed and disassembled and you are stuck owing the cost of the labor to the  repair shop, even if you cannot afford having the job done at the time!

Transmission repair 

Number two: "Soft parts", are a fraction of the cost of a complete rebuild  and should always be replaced during a proper overhaul, (clutches, bands, and  gaskets). The torque converter, though sometimes referred to as a "may need"  part should always be replaced during an overhaul

Number three: “Incidentals” (The one’s nobody can predict).Are components outside of the transmission. For instance, exhaust parts, mounts, universal joints, axles, cooling lines, bolts, brackets, cables, switches, or controllers. Even engine related parts can effect the transmission, battery charging system, air filter, etc.

Manual Transmissions

Manual transmission repair pricing is the hardest to give an honest price  quote for (gears get expensive). That’s why at Hi-Tech we give you a way out.  The only labor you will be responsible for is the labor for removing and  installing the transmission. With the transmission out of the car, we will  disassemble and give you an estimate for the total job, (parts and additional  labor), at no cost. If you choose your way out, we will stay with the original  labor quoted and install a used or remanufactured transmission staying with the  price quoted before starting.

The incidental parts, the ones we cannot predict, are even more important on  manuals than automatics there is more to go wrong (hydraulics, shifters,  flywheels, clutches, linkage, etc.).

Call Hi-Tech at 703.849.8222 for free, professional advice from experienced  techs that care about their reputation and get an honest quote on all your  transmission repair needs.

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